Wet n Wild megalast - I Need a Refresh-Mint

Today I have a very cute nail polish to share with you, and it’s actually on my nails right now. It’s “I Need a Refresh-Mint” from Wet n Wild megalast nail polish line! This is a very cute and lovely Tiffany & Co. signature cream aqua type of shade with a glossy finish! Very fun and bright for spring and summer, yet not neon-ly bright. So it’s very wearable if you think neon colors are just too bright for you. It gives your nails a pop without looking over the top! 

I Need a Refresh-Mint, 2 coats + top coat

This cream texture of this polish is just fabulous, very easy and smooth to apply! It’s creamy and opaque! 2 coats will completely give you the full opacity you desired! And the consistency is pretty good as well (not too thick or thin). On MUA, people compared this to China Glaze’s For Audrey. This is a great dupe with cheaper price tag. I don’t own For Audrey myself, but I’ve seen comparison swatches and they both look very much identical!

The color was pretty true to the color in the bottle! I did not have any problems working with this polish. The polish brush was quite wide compared to most brands, and I actually quite like it because it makes the application way much easier especially for cream polishes. I prefer this wide brush over Revlon colorstay cream polish brush, this is easier and faster in application!! I just need to be a little bit careful when taking out and putting back the polish brush. Drying time is nothing special, but not on the longer side wither. With the price (CVS $1.99, got it when there’s a sale for $1.39), beautiful color, I am very pleased :D  

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Nail of the Day: E.L.F. Red Velvet

Today’s NOTD is a holiday shade from elf in Red Velvet

It’s a gorgeous deep and rich red with super fine shimmer in it..

very very pretty…

swatch under natural light by the window (raining today)

application is quite easy and smooth for this polish

1 coats will completely give you an opaque finish

(don’t we just love it a bit more when we only need 1-2 layers^^)

but I went 2 coats to see if color will look different

I like it with 2 coats because it made the finish richer 

and deeper and more complete!

packaging is simple, square glass bottle with black cap

this shade is from elf holiday nail polish set of 5 polishes

so one only costs less than $1

with these gorgeous finish for the low cost

I think it’s a good buy^^

Click Here if you want to see the whole set

bottom of this bottle looks cheap,

but I like the name Red Velvet, yummy!

it’s really hard to capture those micro shimmer it’s prettier in real life 

swatch with artificial light (indoor)

 swatch with artificial light (indoor)

 swatch with artificial light (indoor)

E.L.F. Holiday Nail Polish Set Reviews and Swatches

I just couldn’t make up my mind choosing one color from the E.L.F. Holiday Nail Polish Set for my Nail of the Day
All these 5 colors look so pretty to me so I decided to swatch all the colors on my nails ^-^ sounds good? Keep reading.
Left to Right: Golden Goddess, Royal Purple, Mod Mauve, Red Velvet, Metal Madness

Golden Goddess is a clear based shimmer/glitter polish.It looks so pretty in the bottle, but I wish it shows more goldwhen applying on the nail. I applied 4 coats and still can see through my nail underneath. The bigger hexagonal glitter is moreof a silver/multicolor based glitter, very pretty, however, I found it a little bit hard to get them on the nails. I think this will alsolook great layering on other colors!

Royal Purple is a pink/fuchsia undertone purple shimmer, good opacity, 2 coats is all you need for this opaque finish! Application is very easy and smooth for this one, too. I did not have “HIGH” hope tothis shade, but it turned out very pretty, gorgeous color! 

Mod Mauve is a very creamy brown/mauve-tone color without any shimmer or glitter. This is also the only one color that doesn’t match the picture on E.L.F. website. The one on their website shows more pink rather than brown. Actual color is a darker mauve witha hint of brown to it (Mod Mauve!). I think this is a special and muddy mauve shade. 

Red Velvet, such a cute name, reminds me of yummy red velvet cakes ha ha ^-^ I really love this shade. It’s a deep and bright red with very pretty shimmer to it. Very easy to apply, 2 coats were essential for this gorgeous opaque look!This added sparkles made this shade so pretty, great for the holidays!

Metal Madness is a metallic gunmetal/charcoal color with very fine multi-color micro-glitter/shimmer. so so pretty! This shade is stunning, and it’s such aperfect holiday color! Application is fairly easy and smooth, 2 coats will give you an opaque gorgeous finish! 

With the price of $4.50 for these 5 lovely shade, these are only $0.90/each
you get glittery, creamy, and holiday shimmery shades all in a set.I’d say they really worth the money and worth the try^-^

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Nail of the Day: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia and Review

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s nail of the day is Revlon’s new shade…

Nail Enamel - Expressionists in lovely black/purple called Facets of Fuchsia  

I should have called it Nail of the Weekend
because I’ve been wearing this polish for the past 3 days ha ha..

This is a super super gorgeous shade, 

great dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance

Facets of Fuchsia 3 coats with 2 top coats

Brush: a little bit long and narrow, but the application is quite easy and smooth

Nail Polish: This is a black based jelly like polish with a combination

of mini glitter and larger hexagonal glitter, both in a very beautiful metallic purple 

Opacity: 2 coats will give you an opaque gorgeous finish, but I just went 3 

Price:  You can’t beat a great glitter nail polish for under $5 ^-^

Staying Power: I have been wearing this polish for 3.5 days with no chips,

so I would say the staying power is pretty good (with 2 top coats)…

Overall: I personally think this nail polish looks cuter on shorter nails.

(long nails tend to look tacky and have a gothic feeling)

This is a very very gorgeous nail polish with a lot cheaper in price 

compared to DL Bad Romance, I think Revlon will suffice^^

two thumps up!!!

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Nail of the Day: OPI I’m with Brad and Review

Today’s Nail of the Day goes to OPI’s lovely “I’m with Brad
This is a gorgeous opaque metallic wine over dark coffee shade

2 coats for this opaque and shiny finish

Perfect for fall and winter

I love this shade’s opacity, as you can see from the picture above,you can’t really tell the differences of 1 or 2 coats if youdon’t pay much attention… the application for this polish isalso very easy to work with, very smooth…like cream^^

very very pretty and rich burgundy/chocolate shade with subtle microshimmer…you can see these subtle shimmer only when there’s sufficient light.(but more black if you’re indoor) 

I didn’t even need to apply top coat for this shiny stunning finishlove

love love this shade^-^

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Nail of the Day: Rimmel Bare Naked

Happy Monday! Hope all had a wonderful weekend.

Today’s Nail of the Day goes to

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro Bare Naked…

Recently I’m so obsessed with nude shade nail polishes,

they look clean, simple, yet elegant. And they also

make my fingers look longer…

so here it is^^

For full review, visit my blog Here Here Here 

Nail of the Day: Rimmel Gold Silk

Today’s Nail of the Day goes to Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro in Gold Silk…

This is such a gorgeous and soft rose gold…with metallic shimmer…

so elegant and lovely…

For full review, please visit my Blog: Here Here Here ^__^

Such a lovely color~^-^ so so cute on you~


This is the first time I have actually worn Angora Cardi outside of a test swatch. I purchased it at Ulta back in spring and decided to save the little guy (or girl, I guess?) until fall.

Angora Cardi is a rich, deep mauve color from Essie’s Fall 2009 collection. It’s not quite mauve, but…

Nail of the Day: SKIN FOOD Walnut Aroma

Today’s Nail of the Day goes to SKIN FOOD Walnut Aroma, BR608 (香氣核桃). I got this nail polish from my sister long long time ago… I think at least 3-4 yrs? SKIN FOOD is a beauty based company from Korea, this brand is pretty popular in Asia with its wild color selections and affordable prices. Their products are made in Korea that use ingredients of natural food substances which are used mainly in beauty care… 
This Walnut Aroma color (BR608) is a lovely and clean nude polish. Four coats were essential for this opaque and glossy finish you see in the pictures. It’s such a classic, clean and lovely shade on the nails. <3


I don’t know how much this one costs as this was given to me by my sister.
For more information on SKIN FOOD:
SKIN FOOD in Korean http://www.theskinfood.com
SKIN FOOD in English http://www.theskinfoodus.com

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